St Paul’s Hostel was opened in 1995, originally as an aged care service for members of the Lebanese and other Arabic speaking ethnic communities. Since then, it has evolved into a multicultural facility for people of all nationalities.

Run by the Antonine sisters and the staff, the service lives by the philosophy of being as “close to home in every way”, providing safe, homely, sensitive, familiar and caring environment for all residents while promoting interaction and mutual support between residents, staff and community.


St Paul’s Hostel is a not for profit, cultural and spiritual Catholic organization.

In 2005 the decision to build a new wing of St Paul’s Hostel was made with the main emphases being functionality, light, ventilation, orientation, flexibility and social engagement. In 2007, the new wing was successfully completed.

The plan of the old building had to be realigned with the new plan to free up space for flexibility. New communal areas which consist of a chapel, additional living, dining areas and activity rooms link the new and old wings.

These are very flexible rooms which open up, into each other to suit the use of the area at any given time, easing the flow of movement, air and space.

Open courtyards provide comfort and act as social areas for residents, carers, friends and family.

The chapel hosts regular religious community gatherings which, allows people to come together with the hostel and keep the residents a part of the community.